Film Festival

Reel Sisters Screens Films From Across the Globe in Brooklyn!

Bird in the stadium

Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series has a diverse line up of more than 30 films that will make you laugh, cry and become inspired.

Reel Sisters is excited to announce the 2016 line up from our invited films selected by our film festival curator Lisa Durden and committee members. Below is a sneak preview of the films you can enjoy at Reel Sisters in October!

Please return to our website in August for the complete selection of films in this year’s festival.

Click here for trailers!



Director: Booker T. Mattison              Length: 10 min.

Bird is the story of a college track star training for the Olympics who is accused of a crime.

Chapter & Verse
Director: Jamal Joseph                        Length: 97 min.
Producer: Cheryl Hill

Upon his return from serving eight years in prison, reformed gang leader S. Lance Ingram struggles to adapt to a changed Harlem. Lance lives under the tough supervision of a Parole Officer in a Half Way House. Unable to find a job with the computer tech training he received in Prison, Lance is forced to take a deliveryman job in a food pantry.   It is thus that he meets and is befriended by Ms. Maddy, a 60-year-old strong and spirited grandmother.  Lance assumeS responsibility for Ty’s well being, Ms Maddy’s 15-year old-grandson – a promising student and artist who has become involved in a dangerous Harlem Street Gang.

Director: Ralph K. Scott                        Length: 20 min.
Producer/Writer: Kiara C. Jones

A man desires a bond with his aging father as he is slipping deeper into Dementia. He comes to realize that he needs to turn his attention toward his own son. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.


The BFF Chronicles
Producers: Kim Coles and Erika Alexander  Length: 2-5 min. episodes

The BFF Chronicles is a weekly web show about a friendship that’s lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages. Erika Alexander and Kim Coles dish on life, love, trade secrets and sex, while searching for the meaning of it all. Did we mention there’s dancing?


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