Film Festival / Performers

Performer Meli’sa Morgan Takes the Stage at Reel Sisters Film Festival 2016


Schomburg Center, Harlem, USA, 515 (135 St. & Lenox Ave.)

Tickets: $35


MELI’SA MORGAN…THIS R&B SONGSTRESS EXPLODED ON THE MUSIC SCENE IN THE LATE 80’s. As a sultry singer with a silky voice made for Slow R&B ballads and Funky Soul. Blessed with the gift of song with a passionate soulful Vocals . Her vocal style & sound was captured in songs like “DO ME BABY”, “DO YOU STILL LOVE ME”, “FOOL’S PARADISE” & “NOW OR NEVER” and that was just songs on her first album. Her vocals are as strong and powerful as Chaka Khan or Aretha Franklin while giving you soft kitten sensuality that will pull you in and musically speaking…Seduce you!

Recently, Meli’sa was featured on an episode of “UNSUNG” T, which focused on her impact in the music industry.

Meli’sa has recorded five successful albums which has produced hits like “LOVE CHANGES” W/KASHIF , “IF YOU CAN DO IT”, “STILL IN LOVE”, “BACK TOGETHER AGAIN” W/FREDDIE JACKSON, “GOOD LOVE”, “CAN YOU GIVE ME WHAT I WANT”, DON’T YOU KNOW” , THE LADY IN ME” & “I REMEMBER” just to name a few.



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