Film Festival / Workshops

Microbudget Filmmaking with Nicole Franklin

SECTION B (Sunday, Oct. 23) — 2:06 pm-3:06 pm, Spike Lee Rm

#FilmAFeatureIn8Days: Microbudget Filmmaking with Nicole Franklin


Fresh off her first narrative feature, TITLE VII, a microbudget film shot in eight days, award-winning filmmaker Nicole Franklin is a career documentarian, who also produced a number of narrative shorts after the feature documentary that launched her career.  She is thrilled to share with Reel Sisters a case study on her latest production and the essentials of producing and directing an affordable feature film heading into distribution. Workshop is free but donations are welcomed.

Session takeaways will cover the following:

*Planning your microbudget

*Financing your microbudget

*Attracting heavy hitters to your microbudget

*Filming your microbudget in eight days

*Taking your microbudget to market

* Leveraging your next career move by investing in your microbudget


NicolefranklinNicole Franklin is an award-winning filmmaker. Through her 25 years in the industry Nicole has been a television director, editor, educator, and contributing writer to such publications as The Good Men Project, Toronto-based and NBCBLK. For seventeen years, her company EPIPHANY Inc. has been producing independent films for numerous cable networks including Showtime, BET, IFC, Nickelodeon, Sundance Channel, FUBU TV and kweliTV.

In addition to the narrative feature on same-race discrimination in the workplace, TITLE VII, Nicole’s other credits include The Double Dutch Divas!, Journeys In Black:  the Jamie Foxx Biography, Kids Around the World, Black Enterprise Business Report, Gershwin & Bess:  A Dialogue with Anne Brown and the 10-chapter series Little Brother.


Nicole’s affiliations include Directors Guild of America (DGA), Producers Guild of America (PGA East), IBEW, The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), The Black Documentary Collective (BDC) and New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT).

Nicole Talks to Reel Sisters About Crowdfunding


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